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and travelers and johnson & johnson. ibm could add to the misery tomorrow. >> oil slick, halliburton and baker hughes all post strong results but not just the american energy boom that's helping propel profits. >> staying warm, what's behind the shortage of heating fuel across the country and rise in prizes. we have all of that and more for this tuesday, january 21st. >> good evening, on this cold and snowy day for much of the eastern part of the country, ibm, one of the priceyest and therefore one of the most important stocks in the price weighted dow index tried its best to warm things up on wall street. the world's largest technology services company reported better than expected earnings in the latest quarters, $6.13 a share, that's 14 cents better than the forecast. but the good news sort of ended there. margins narrowed ever so slightly and revenue declined 5% ending about a half billion dollars short of estimates. that sent shares initially lower in late trading today. as you see on that graphic. josh lipton joins us with more. what is the key takeaway from these results? >> tyler, list
or it -- on the move." another piece of ibm sources are talking about lenovo's next possible move. stocks are higher across the asia-pacific. unleashing the animal spirit, the rising competence means company that companies are set to spend heavily again. >> let's check in with the markets and see how your money is behaving itself. david? >> good morning to you. it is another quiet day across the region so far. volumes are quite light compared to what we are used to seeing this type of the day. markets about the only as you can see from the map. sharp movement, up 1% a. it might erase some of the games that we saw against the u.s. dollar. u.s. markets are shot overnight for martin luther king day so we don't have the usual gauge of direction this morning and we don't have big pieces of eco- data coming up. with the exception of new zealand in inflation which came in this morning. 1.6%. when thewatching for chinese markets open. it should be the big story of the date considering at the money market rate spiking pboc sayingd the they will step in with the funding. the economy needs us as we will chose
at to cisco in china. reports from hewlett- packard last quarter. ibm. you can really see this playing out throughout the information technologies. it's not just the privacy issue. >> they actually put it back on the companies. take a look at what he had to say. transparency -- >> transparency is not just about the government. it is also about the vendors. vendors have to have transparency themselves. they cannot put it all on the government. >> who is he calling out there? yahoo!, cisco?ut >> i think he is talking about the fumbling around there, with the prism revelation and edward snowden. but i think one of the things that the company fell back on, i think, it's not that big an issue to tell you, but we're going to tell you it's not that big a deal. i will be interesting to see what the numbers look like when we can see them and if the numbers really matter. is it just really big metadata? at&t is cooperating very quietly. yahoo!, one of the early ones complaining about this. i think they recognize the threat to their business. >> speaking about yahoo!'s business, marissa mayer did dig
in the premarket after same-store sales in north america plunges 13% year on year. >> and ibm is not looking too good. down on earnings. the tech giant reporting revenue below estimates for the fourth quarter in a row and due to weakening demand in part in emerging markets. >> a lot of people facing a nasty commute after a massive winter storm dumped over a foot of snow across the northeast. left temperatures hovering near zero. we'll go live on the ground to see just how bad things are in a moment. >>> but first up, coach reporting weaker-than-expected fiscal third quarter results and comps down 13.6, and it said it's been hurt by substantially lower traffic in its stores and coach has been losing share in the handbag business to rivals including michael kors. the only bright side here was some international up 11% and china up 25% but north america is a source of pain. >> really scrambling on this one. down 14. i hate to ever make an analogy to a company that we all hate. because they told us that things were fine and then they raised capital. but this has a jcpenney feel to it. now, it's got
. ibm and texas, instruments. something i want to make sure everyone is aware of, 9:30, bill gates will be sitting down with bloomberg lp founder and majority owner michael bloomberg , a conversation moderated i betty liu. this is huge, talking about how to make the world a better place? how do you fight poverty? these are two guys who are in a position to do it. >> we look forward to that one. there is a storm of swords approaching, isn't there? >> i hear that. >> he doesn't believe it. time andt caught last you're like, this is no storm. >> in the city, it was not a big deal. i'm sorry. >> let's do a data check. if you're in or not to trade, you're going to be coming into a green screen this morning. equity futures higher at the moment. 4 points,utures up by dow futures by 51. a nice game. 10 year yield running in place. euro-u.s. dollar, no real change, little bit of a movement. nymex crude is going up. you can see that reflected in other parts of the energy complex. natural gas futures are a little higher this morning. if you live in boston, look at that, that is not good news.
very much indeed. david tweed joining us with the of berlin. out let's stay in a similar space. ibm is seeking to exit its hardware business. lenovo is the world's top pc maker. it is in discussion to buy ibm's server business. donovan pharaoh has more on the ferro hasonathan more on the story. >> we think of the word synergy. cryingr a lot of people that the pc market is dead. every journalist who has ever written that headline wrote it on a pc. marketare maintaining share. number one in the market even why the market is shrinking. you wantrporate side, 20,000 computers, we can do a deal with the servers as well. is other side of the story what is ibm doing and what are they going to do with all of that cash? we will not talk about rumor, but it is interesting. you look at the hardware business. concentrateocus and on the software and services business. there are a couple of people in that space. if you are playing around with the price, that is a lot of money to spend. >> any sense on the timing of this deal? it is just being rumored at the moment. >> a person with direct knowledg
have ceos trying to follow in the footsteps of legends. at ibm and at coach. shares of ibm have been down today, that's the big drag on the dow right now. they are down almost 3.5% at $181.85. ibm missed its revenue expectations last quarter. the company released its numbers last night, saying the numbers were hurt by a lack of demand for servers and storage equipment. then of course, there is coach. the shares there are down as well, now down 7%. the company said sales dropped more than predicted during the holiday shopping season. coach shares are down a full 20% in a year. same store sales down 13.6%, the third straight quarterly decline. now you're all set. ty, over to you. >> you wouldn't bet on a football team without knowing the coach. don't pick a stock without knowing the ceo. >> you just make me smile, jim cramer. jim cramer has a great new book called "get rich carefully." chapter five, he plays a game of 21, the bankable 21. it's about 21 ceos who are leading companies with stocks you should consider for your portfolio. we will go through those 21 ceos over the next three
, the company reported weaker sales. the coe told analysts ibm is likely to take a charge to, quote, rebalance its workforce. that would mean 10,000 to 15,000 ibm job cuts. >>> the site of the upcoming olympics, police are searching door to door for terrorists they believe may already be in position to attack. we're live with those latest developments this morning. >>> and a deadly plane crash caught on camera. what we're learning from this new video. that's next. could be hectic. angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. >>> this morning, in russia, police in the desperate search for three women feared to be potential suicide bombers including, a so-called black widow who may already
of the cash hoard and bought the company. that's what i want, growth, not more buybacks. or take ibm. oh, take ibm, here's a company that has warren buffett as the largest shareholder, lofty goals that the oracle of omaha believes in. he's liked it because it's cheap and massive buyback. buffett's an icon, ibm's an icon. last night we learned ibm's faltering and faltering badly. putting up earnings and sales numbers that i say were extremely disappointing. sure, the company might hit the long-term earnings per share targets, but it's getting there with buybacks and lower tax rates, gimmickry but not revenues or cash flows. to me ibm has become the absolute opposite of what buffett normally likes. a company outmoded by better mouse traps. i looked at a 1998 interview that buffett did with bill gates of all people. and in it, buffett said i look for businesses in which i can predict they're going to look like in 10 or 15 or 20 years. that means businesses that will look more or less so as they do today, except they'll be larger and doing more business internationally, end quote. with that in min
, 2013 with a record year or ibm. they won the most patents of any straightor the last 24 years. we took a look at the ibm patent history. we always talk about this false what company has what patent. why do we care? >> for a tech company, it is important for them to get ahead of these inventions ful. it helps to protect from copyright laws as well. is not what one would think of as a cutting-edge company. it has held that spot for 20 one st years. how many patents that have have last year? >> 6800. >> how did they hold onto this tops on the mark >> they put six lien dollars into research and design each year. they want to get out in front of these different trends. what they do with these patents and inventions, it might be a different story. >> historically have things come out of the patents that have been interesting or lucrative question mark -- lucrative? can take three years before a patent is issued. it shows where companies are looking to grow. you can see a lot of cloud computing with them. they are dealing with encrypted data better in the cloud. also with watson, they're smar
on snatching up the ibm server unit. john dawson has the details on both of the stories. >> breaking news. they are actually confirming they are in preliminary talks. this is four $.5 billion. they are saying that talks broke down a couple of months ago about the price. wants to spend more. says they are ready to sign the money within cheeks. dell may be looking to account. we are looking for an exciting move that did in fact fell to agree. there are lower profit margins to exit hardware. software. they still have the pc business in 2005 to even it all out. lenovo is arty number one pc maker in the world, trying to become the number one smartphone. bev snappinghave in b up oriental. >> they are saying here. they are regaining control. for 1.8d this billion. they just sold it back to the owners. 5.8 billion in the meantime. since they bought it, they are seeing the market share of south korea's a beer market go from 40% to a controlling 60%. >> they need a cash to close the deal. at they are looking cash. >> what a great profit. important for these two moves? they have the beers. they are
>> chipping away. ibm lows in talks with end server business. >> reaching for the cloud. one billion euros in annual cloud sales. we will talk to the company executive. >> a labyrinth up. soaps and shampoos sales on the global scale. -- >> lathering up. -- soaps and shampoos sales on the global scale. >> it is probably self-doubt. .e knows the effect capitalist today in principle. it should be combined with steep , social responsibility. >> hello, welcome to "countdown." i am mark barton. >> i am anna edwards. bloomberg reporters are standing .y ready to deliver the stories in a berlin, david tweed covers sap. their earnings are breaking it now. >> unilever's numbers. and hong kong to the lenovo/ibm story. it's a possible to make a new profits in music streaming? a new company is trying it. getting earnings from sap, the german company, the biggest maker of software. they all felt fourth-quarter results. it is announcing its output for 2014. and 2015. it sees its operating profit this year between 5 billion euros and 6 billion euros. just slightly below analyst' e stimates. i
and profession in a way that will serve both. the legal academy is faulted and ibm agreed for not paying much attention to the legal profession of the students and future graduates. on the other hand, the legal academy can be faulted for not being critical so we cannot respond to the first problem by simply servicing the needs of the legal profession. there should be a distance between the legal profession and at the academy and its goals and ideals. >> host: this is book tv on c-span2 talking with georgetown professor robin west. "teaching law" justice politics and the demands of professionalism as her book. >> from the college series louis michael simon author of constitutional disobedience argues it's time to stop treating it as a sacred document that needs to be obeyed at all costs and assess people alive now shouldn't be shackled by a document created hundreds of years ago by people who couldn't understand what the country is like today. this is about 20 minutes. >> joining us on book tv is the author on the book on constitutional disobedience is the name of the book. professor michael l
at the opening bell today. it's mostly ibm's fault. it has-- it just reported subpar earnings. this is the tech stock that's not going to do well today. by the way, united technologies, that's a dow stock as well. also, not doing well. same story on the numbers side there. our market bear, and you're going to meet him in a couple of minutes, listen to this, they says the dow will drop to 5,000 by the year 2016. now, that's a bear, isn't it? don't worry, we're going to make him back it up. [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked? ♪ or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. [ car alarm chirps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles we inspect, analyze, and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned mercedes-benz for the next new owner. [ car alarm chirps ] hurry in to your authorized mercede
minutes left to go and the dow continues to be the dog here weighed down by a couple of components. ibm, the second biggest component, reports after the bell. the s&p 500 and nasdaq is are still slightly positive. >> the dow definitely doesn't tell the whole story today. >>> he was one of wall street's biggest bears before he turned bullish late last year. coming up morgan stanley's adam parker tells us whether the latest sell-off we've had recently, the stutter step start to the year is making him rethink that bullish call. >>> and johnson & johnson helping to drag down the dow today after a lukewarm earnings outlook. coming up the company's ceo joins us exclusively for an earnings update and tells us how taxes inside of obamacare are also impacting the bottom line. >> and are player safety issues bad behavior off the field, sky high ticket prices a triple whammy for the nfl in super agent lee steinberg weighs in next. >>> and we want your take on ticket prices for the super bowl. we'll reveal your best tweets coming up on "the closing bell." you're watching cnbc,
in the future. i had a chance to sit down with david ferrucci, a scientist and creator of ibm's watson supercomputer. watsonted by asking how came to be. >> ibm research is about pushing the envelope in breaking new ground and taking on grand challenges. the executives at ibm thought could we compete a computer that could compete with humans at human tasks like jeopardy. we could do that. my entire life, it was about getting computers to them it the way humans think. take it step by step to see we could do it. watson's great functions his ability to function with natural language? moving bitsst about from place to place, it is what they say in the meaning behind it. meaning trumps data. there is too much out there. had i get an understanding of it? ,> where would you say we are at the toddler stage or the adult stage? long waylike there's a to go. >> it is not even road. for example, when we look at a second grade or toddler, it is not like that. if you do seven that is , otherly sophisticated areas it is going to seem really stupid. process data differently than humans. can we get mor
behind ibm's -- beyondries, ai robots. ♪ >> welcome back to "the best of bloomberg west." i'm emily chang. all week we had a series on ai -- the artificial robot. it will change the way we live our lives in the future. i had a chance to sit with david ferrucci. we started by asking how watson as we know it today came to be. >> ibm research is about pushing the envelope in breaking new ground. some of the executives at ibm thought we could create a computer that could compete with humans in heart challenging tasks like laying jeopardy. we said we could do this. it was allre life about if we could get computers to mimic the way humans think. taking it step by step. isn't one of the things that makes watson so special natural language? >> that is one of the biggest challenges, how we understand language. computers have gone from being data jockeys to thought our nurse. it is not about moving bits from place to place but understanding what they say, what is the meaning behind it. alternately, meaning is going to trump data. there's too much out there, how to get an understanding of it. guard
of the world they don't. sadly, in america, we don't seem to. >> coming up, ibm earnings painted a dismal picture with the seventh quarterly state set -- sales decline. more on that, next. >> time for today's company news. sheryl sandberg is one of the world juntas female billionaires. facebook closed at a record high yesterday. the 44-year-old chief operating officer has a stake in the company, managing $750 million. fiat has obtained full control of the chrysler unit in the united states. they reached a deal with the united auto workers health care trust. predicts profit may fall short of estimates. the news comes as the company cuts more than 1000 jobs. the company is coming off three straight years of declining sales. welcome back to countdown. ibm shares fell after hours after the computer company posted sales that missed analyst estimates. demand for service dwindled. this report by caroline hyde. orders oftraight falling sales for ibm. sales down five percent for the full year. said we are forgoing our bonuses. to put it in perspective, $28 billion for the fourth quarter, that is b
out of a dismal holiday shopping season. so let's take a look at this stock right now. big blue on ibm. a lackluster earnings report. a big day on the board. 5.5% largely due to a decline. and its hardware business and the stocks are the biggest drag on the dow jones today. they lost almost one and $7. 181.74. that's about 3.5% of a loss on the big blue. we will check this stock through the close. and we are watching apple for you. the company facing new pressure. now, carl ichan announcing that he bought another $500 million worth of apple to bring the total to more than $3 billion worth. it is doing shareholders a great disservice and is in effect actually higher right now. and so there's a little bit of the gain. a lot of controversy way carl ichan and apple. and some big name companies reporting earnings after the bell. including netflix and ebay. and netflix again, the performance on this is just astonishing. >> it really is. and they are the number one performer in the s&p 500. this has really surpassed any estimate that anyone had. the stock is up $4. of 33277. international exp
casone. they have an exclusive interview. it is with ibm. we have that, new home construction and the best year since 2007. they will break that down. it is coming up and coming back in just a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ tires reech ] chewley's finds itself in a sticky situation today after recalling its new gum. [ male announcer ] stick it to the market before you get stuck. get the most extensive charting wherever y are with the mobile trader app from td ameritrade. >> the bottom line is that people around the world, regardless of their nationality, should know that the united states is not spying on ordinary people that do not threaten our security. dennis: president obama gives a major address on balancing the needs on national security against the needs we have on private security. i am dennis kneale with cheryl casone. december housing meantime finishing up for the strongest year of home building. our next guest says it is not enough. talk about betting big on solar. the obama administration will be -- we have a ceo says the industry is better off without the governmen
by earnings into the close today we get ibm. tracy: big tech earnings "after the bell" tonight. that is a great point. we will be watching that and a lot of other tech names coming out but i want to hit on the cme group, also some futures heading sow, agricultural markets, looking at soybean prices up their defense on the session but is has to be catching a lot of traders's attention. >> what we have been looking at is the weather in south america. they are getting a little cooler, it is gitmo 110 degrees and they expected to stay in the 90s, getting some much-needed moisture. what they did was a lot of people selling of. we saw it down $0.36 at one point. corn holding pretty stable and what we are looking at is the farmers i haney on to the others they are not releasing, they don't want it to go, looking at south america, the weather will help their crop. one thing to keep in mind, looking at this, record number of acreage, soybeans and corn. a lot to look at, sitting on the sidelines but farmers, the hague on to that. tracy: the weather in south america, to the weather at hom
, visa, goldman sachs and ibm. only eight of the dow 30, but that was enough to pound the weekly gain of the year. and so far in 2014, the dow is off about three quarters of a percent. today's soggy trading was marked by worries over earnings and outlooks. manufacturing margins, ups, flat out profit warning. on this friday, the dow gained 41 points. the nasdaq down by 21 and the s&p lost seven. >>> we'll turn to chris gaffney for his analyst. senior market strategist with ever bank. chris, you heard at the top of the program, the saying on wall street is as goes january, so goes the year. so, should investors be bracing themselves for a down year? >> i don't think so. we certainly have had a bit of a rocky start to the year. it's been a short time period so far and i think there's a lot of things that will support the market going forward. namely lower interest rates and i think increased consumer confidence. >> i was speaking earlier this week to a portfolio manager who said we had a market up about 30% last year on earnings gains of about 6%. you do the math. this gives me the sense
in hardware sales. ibm hardware division is where most of the job cuts will take place. chip maker intel said last week it will cut 5,000 jobs and it's texas instruments plans to cut over a thousand jobs. ibm has over 400,000 employees in more than 170 countries. the ceo of the cleveland clinic is sounding the alarm in a key issue involving obamacare. ali has that story next, and the cities on the rebound, how the auto industry is recharging parts of the hoosier state. plus the landing club has landed on the forbes most promising country for a third straight year. what is their secret? you'll hear from the company's ceo. all that and more as "real money" continues. >> every sunday night aljazeera america presents extraodinary films from the world's top documetary directors. >> it's the world's most powerful financial institution. >> i think we're mysterious to people. >> what really goes on behind closed doors? >> the fed is kind of this black box. >> it's your money... >> somebody screwed up. >> ... or is it? >> i worked to save that money and now i get nothing. >> inside the fed. on al jaze
are working on something like, i don't know, search? can this concern like you be ibm research and all of these other things but you also have to be a business. >> right. these are the kind of questions they are increasingly asked in it happened with microsoft when r&dy went into this outside spending. we only give you so much rope before start questioning and after that, as investors, people start getting really grouchy about it. thing to do with their own capital and another to do it in context of the companies. i'm uneasy but i just love the innovation because it's cool. >> bloomberg contributing editor paul kedrosky with us from san diego. coming up, "jack ryan, shadow recruit" is out today. you can watch us on our phone, tablet, bloomberg.com, and apple tv. ♪ x welcome back to "bloomberg west." themount is bringing back jack ryan series. films like hunt for red doc tober, a total classic. jon erlichman sat down with the producer behind every one of the jack ryan films. take a listen. >> what is it about this guy that makes people want to go to the movies yo? >> jack is an all-am
for the top executives at ibm after a second quarterly sales decline. we are going to break down the numbers, plus syrian peace talks begin today in switzerland and already with controversy. we will have the details on the expectations of the world watches on. all the events in switzerland, stay with us. >> i am francine lacqua at the world economic forum. bloomberg. mr. racz newson -- rassmusen joins us. we are in davos. they are here to have conversations about the big trends. what is your focus? >> i would say consumers. society, communication, so most going to spendm discussing consumer trends but also networking. i spend a lot of time networking with colleagues and politicians to understand what is going on in the world. it's a great place to learn but hopefully to continue. >> we had that deal that was year.talked about last are you here looking for acquisitions? >> not really. i don't think it's a place to look for acquisitions. for me it is a lot more about discussing the latest trends and getting some insights. >> what is the main trend? if i speed to you in five or 10 years, what i
that will be the next big higher at ubs. david tweed in snowy berlin. ibm shares fell after hours after the computer chip giant said sales missed estimates. here is more with caroline hyde. big blue is looking a bit battered. >> look at the numbers, $28 billion in sales in the fourth quarter. that is more than the entirety of the u.s. -- of the gdp of bolivia. it is less than hewlett-packard makes. overall, sales are on a downward spiral. so bad has it got that even the executives are saying that they are foregoing their bonuses. they are trying to appease the investor base out there. the reason is we are moving to cloud computing. companies are starting to store their data on the cloud. large part of ibm's revenue still comes from selling those huge servers. >> maybe it will do that with lenovo. that can be one part of the turnaround plan. the management gave up their bonus. what they would really like to see is a concrete plan to turn this company around. more of an upwards trajectory. atmaybe they are buying time the moment. they have got plans in place. already, they are offering more cloud serv
this is after their quarterly report. at a mixed bag but as we know ibm's revenue is shy of wall street expectations and that has been weighing on the dow jones industrials. sandra: thanks so much. adam: we watching shares of apple, that stock getting a boost on the latest round of tweets from carl icahn. the activist investor is continuing his push for a bigger share of buybacks saying the company could do this, quote, a great disservice to shareholders. he also disclosed he added to his stake which has crossed $3 billion. sandra: bernie madoff recovering from a heart attack after a hospitalization last month. the 75-year-old is said to be back in prison also suffers from stage iv kidney disease. the is in federal prison serving a 150 year sentence for defrauding customers in a $17 billion scam. he is being held in buckner prison and has not confirm but denied these reports. adam: changes at the top of the world's largest bond fund, the cozy e o tim coe stepping down, the resignation doesn't to effect in march, arian will stay on as an adviser, not giving a reason for his departure bu
. everyone was scrutinizing this closely, including the headline marquee names like ibm, numbers that slightly beat what profit we were expecting to see, up six percent to a tad north of $6 billion. revenues were okay. what we always look at in the numbers, the guidance the company will give you, the guidance ibm gave us, this year will we what it was so don't look for much revenue growth or huge profit surge. so ibm being fairly conservative, one thing that is weighing on its stock after the trading day. we'll see if that continues tomorrow. >> after the hacking, the arresting, new information they just told us where they stolen data was going and who was getting their hands on it. casey has the story. >> we're learning texas and mexico may be involved here, but the operative word is "may." there's conflicting information between a local police chief and the fedes. but we know there have been an arrest two people in mcallen texas, 27-year-old mary garcia, and 28-year-old daniel dominguez, arrested trying to cross the mexican boredder into the united states, and with them, 96 cou
company, ibm in beijing, if they has this, american or china national, you would suggest a security apparatus can really look right into it. >> yes. it is running on the chinese network. the wiretapping occurs up the network level. it is a subject of negotiations when companies like apple going to the market. what features do they enable or disable for governmental electronic surveillance? apple has not disclose that. there's no doubt in my mind that they will be cooperating with the surveillance of the chinese want. that matches your shirt. >> i got this so that i could see it at 2:00 a.m. in a piano bar room it is great -- in a piano bar. it is great. >> you better erase that before the nsa gets to that if you travel. we have much more coming on "bloomberg surveillance." nba commissioner david stern and -- itcoming commissioner doesn't always have to be about [indiscernible] this is "bloomberg surveillance." >> good morning, everyone. mr. mckee has top headlines as morning. dozens of people wounded when an explosive device was thrown into a truck carrying antigovernment protesters
have an idea what it means for you going forward. >> who knew? ibm dropping nearly one full percent. the company is due to report fourth-quarter results in just a few minutes. analysts surveyed looking for earnings per share of six dollars flat on revenue of about 28 billion. keep it here. julie will break down the results for you as soon as they cross. >> number eight, expedia. lost 25% ofhas visibility on google. they believeows they are trying to gain algorithms to rank higher in search results. >> number seven, all collapse. jpmorgan raises the rating on the aluminum producer. -- number seven, alcoa. >> i love it, too. because they make sale him and him or the new ford f1 50. >> d climbing three percent. quarter profith- that beat analysts estimates. -- benefited from increased holiday travel in the work you all costs. >> number five um under armour gaming three percent after announcing a new partnership with notre dame. they will exclusively design and provide apparel for a equipment and game day apparel for the fighting irish. >> nice. hold my tongueto when i talk about notre
the debt when they were doing the bud deal and now they come back for it. ibm also i should mention in talks to sell its low-end server business to lenovo and the stock is not up. >> that's been hit by activism and i think got belligerent. >> that was carl icahn for a long time. he was a no shares for a long time. >> activism is front and center this year already. there was a note put out this morning i thought was very important, appro pro of what happened with verizon and cap-x saying it's okay to buy juniper, why? because elliott management's in there and they feel that elliott management's going to be able to accomplish some things that people didn't expect. when i look at the amount of money that verizon is spending and you know sprint is spending because they have a 3,000-year perspective on sprint, right, 200-year perspective? i think people have to recognize this group is still cheap. jpmorgan goes hold to buy altera. these are other spending plays. i just like this group very much. >> and we'll get ibm tonight along with texan and xilinx, it will be a busy few days. >> xili
will tell you what they want to do with a.i. watsonan behind ibm's explains why a computer cannot last. next and innovation. merkel'shing on angela office in berlin. protesting a free trade deal between europe and the u.s.. is concernedfarmer that american imports will hurt their business. ♪ onthis is "lunch money" bloomberg television. streaming live on bloomberg.com, your tablet, and your smartphone. in innovation, the man behind dyson vacuums says invention is unpredictable. sometimes even agonizing. here he is on charlie rose. devised, itnot be is a process of discovery and accident, happenstance. it is a wonderful journey. it is agony. whole interview with sir james dyson on charlie rose at 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. here on bloomberg television. her number when artificial intelligence was the stuff of movies? not anymore. it has gone mainstream. artificial intelligence still has a sci-fi ring. it is already behind a lot of our digital lives. from netflix's movie recommendation to spam filtering. >> almost everything you do on facebook or google is -- there is an ai system behind it. ha
in the long run, that's always the focus as well. >> give me a quick thought on ibm also reporting next week. how's big blue likely to do? >> big blue, i think they are strong in the u.s. still. but the big question mark over ibm for us is china. china has really been an area of growth for them. and i think everybody who is selling big complex machinery and big complex systems in china, there's a question mark over those numbers at this time as the one regime transitions to another. so it's going to be an interesting time for them. >> all right. it's an interesting week coming up. thank you so much for getting us ready for it. thanks a lot, kim. >> thanks for having me. >> kim forrest with for the pitt capital group. >>> two-day rally in the market hitting the pause button today with the financial sector a model selloff after disappointing bank earnings before the bell. big selloffs throughout the day at best bae. after two days of double-digit gains. the dow fell 65 points today, the nasdaq ended 3 points higher and the s & p 500 retreated from yesterday's all-time high closing down a modes
they want to do with a.i. the human behind ibm's watson explains why a computer cannot last. next and innovation. pigs marching on angela merkel's office in berlin. protesting a free trade deal between europe and the u.s.. the european farmer is concerned that american imports will hurt their business. ♪ >> this is "lunch money" on bloomberg television. streaming live on bloomberg.com, your tablet, and your smartphone. in innovation, the man behind dyson vacuums says invention is unpredictable. sometimes even agonizing. here he is on charlie rose. >> it could not be devised, it is a process of discovery and accident, happenstance. it is a wonderful journey. it is agony. >> watch the whole interview with sir james dyson on charlie rose at 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. here on bloomberg television. her number when artificial intelligence was the stuff of movies? not anymore. it has gone mainstream. >> artificial intelligence still has a sci-fi ring. it is already behind a lot of our digital lives. from netflix's movie recommendation to spam filtering. >> almost everything you do on fac
. that is a pretty good batting record. what do you make of ibm? >> the company is selling off its low-end server business. it is in the middle of this big transformation into the cloud. they are transitioning. ibm moves at its own pace historically. it does not pay attention to the fact the market once five percent revenue growth every quarter. look for all the money to poland watson and pushes forward. for the time being the market is not paying that much attention to exactly what that growth is. >> is hiring consensus for both earnings and revenue. you're saying the market is missing just how strong or how quick this conversion is 2:00 company? , we are well above -- >> we are well above on the red and he ps -- on the red. this is almost one for one, which is unusual. >> we have been historically way above on netflix c.t.s. and revenue. they crushed estimates the last four quarters to six quarters. we are seeing a major margin deterioration from netflix predict the buy side is getting that happens much faster than the sell side, which happens when the both the bottom and top of that turn of th
into storage equipment and servers. you may recall ibm sold its pc business to lenovo back in 2005. software giant sap has been moving into servers, but it is coming at a price. sap pushed back its profitability target by two years, saying operating profit will probably reach 35% of sales by 2017. the co-ceo tells us why the delay is worth it. >> wouldn't you rather have a career -- a courageous management team that says let's go for market share in the cloud and be the cloud company and postpone the 35% margin ambition and capture the market share? what we decided to do is accept the cloud revenue stream as you said. for the first couple of years, it flattens out the margin, but by year three, it kicks in and that's why in our intermediate guidance, we said we would hit it to 35% ambition. it will also deliver a 3.5 billion cloud company to the world. that's the largest mega-cap cloud company in the world and that is sap. >> it's not just tech companies taking a hit. unilever says slowing growth in emerging markets will hurt sales this year will stop the maker of dubs so and then jerry ice
money went into tech with the nasdag up 28 points yesterday.ibm-- reported earnings after the close disappointing wall street with its revenue and its outlook.texas instruments is cutting eleven hundred jobs.even thought the company reported a boost in profits.the wall street journal reports-- amazon is considering an online pay tv service.and it could be a rough commute this morning.especially for people on the east coast following a fresh blanket of snow. larry shover of sfg alternatives is here to talk about this earnings season. good morning to you, we are on earnings watch. we had big blue report after the close. how likely will that effect trading today? > >it's according to how deep people dig into it all. tech is a big one this week. there's so much to decipher. the stock did rally initially after the report came out because there were some beats. but there's also some big challenges for the stock especially when it comes to growth metrics overseas. > >the nasdaq seems to be catching some power here but what other rotations are you seeing within the stock market that's actua
part due to ibm. we covered those earnings when they hit on this program yesterday. continues to be down in the range of about 3%. meanwhile, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 are ever so slightly positive. we're literally up just about a point on the s&p. the nasdaq adding 16 at this hour. >> let's talk about today's market action in "the closing bell" exchange. katie stockton from btig keith fitzgerald from money map press, rob morgan from fulcrum securities who got slammed in the snow in philly yesterday. jim kahn from wealth enhancement group and our own rick santelli. we all have to deal with snow except forfeits gerald. katie stockton, you still see in the near term here upside momentum. you're probably referring to the s&p, right? >> well, th keye key really is to look beyond the s&p. the market has been in a consolidation phase for a couple weeks if not more in some cases and that's why you get the mixed returns on the major indices, but that frustration really hasn't occurred as much overseas. i would encourage people to look beyond the s&p 500 at the europ
luther king holiday. johnson & johnson's report before the bell, ibm reports its numbers after the close. also out this week, united technologies, mcdone add's, microsoft and procter & gamble. we'll be discussing those earnings at 11:30 cet with john buffett. >>> and when it comes to driving earning hes growth and creating share value, which businesses are best? we want to hear from you. who do you think is the best ceo in the world? if you want to join the conversation here, please, get in touch with us. e-mail us, worldwide@cnbc.com, tweet @cnbcwex or direct to me @rosswestgate. don't miss out on that. who is the best ceo in the world? we will reveal all as revealed a little later. >>> meanwhile, lenovo is reporting it's in talks to buy low end server unit x86. the chinese hardware company is only confirming that it's in talks with a third party. rumors of an agreement first surfaced yesterday with the "wall street journal" the object of lep novo's affections is actually dell. lenovo shares dropped 3% higher. >>> dropbox has reportedly secured $3 million after the firm has been valued
has controlled the personal computer for 30 some years. they were given that monopoly by ibm when the whole pc era started, they along with microsoft. you use their chips every day, but intel's not in smartphones, not in tablets, not in the ipad -- sandra: but they want to be. >> the question is, can they transition from having a monopoly, 90% of the chips that powered these pcs for 30 some years into being a supplier that is one among many? sandra: how are they going to expand if they're chopping their global work force? >> they are spreading this about in different parts of the company, and what they say we have lots of different divisions that do different things. we'll sort of take here and there selectively the people we don't need as much was we're putting less emphasis on the pc, and we will staff up in other areas such as mobile chips. sandra: something i found fascinating is you believe the way intel reports its earnings doesn't exactly benefit the company. right now they break up the mobile chips from the pc chip sales. >> right. sandra: do you see them changing that? is
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